Do you every wake up in the morning and dread going to your unorganized closet? Spend HOURS looking for an outfit? A Minimalistic Wardrobe can save you precious time and energy, because its made up of an unlimited essential minimalistic and print interchangeable timeless pieces that MATCH. You can style unlimited outfits with ease, for unlimited occasions. You can mix and match over and over again making it easier to shop, style, dress and organize your wardrobe. There's No Rules...No Limits to how many piece you want to staple in your wardrobe, and YES if you LIVE your fave prints, don't worry you can add your prints....just as long as ALL your prints match ALL your minimal colors match. The most important way you do that is to make sure all your prints  are in the same category....then all your minimal colors are in another category.

EX: All your tops are prints  and all your bottoms are minimal. Or if you want, all your tops and bottoms are minimal and all your layering pieces are prints....like cardigans, blazers, scarves, etc.

Shop The Extreme Polished Casual or Professional Easy To Wear...Dress n' Go Summer Outfits at LaurenNichole with jumpsuits, rompers & 2 piece outfits



At LaurenNichole you can shop fresh timeless interchangeable pieces that will last. Out with the Old...In With The Fresh NEW Pieces to ensure you use every piece in your wardrobe to the fullest. If you have pieces in your wardrobe you already own, that you love, your happy with the fit and it matches everything....No worries! Keep it With The New. 
At LaurenNichole we have gathered some of the hottest trending versatile pieces we consider to be timeless for every dream wardrobe. Depending on your lifestyle we can help you create the wardrobe can take you through casual, lounge, professional, dressy and leisure. 
Here we have the LaurenNichole Curated Outfit Collection. This is a great collection of jumpsuits, rompers, 2 piece outfits, and dresses.  Are you the classy chic busy modern day woman who likes easy-outfits-to-go that are easy interchangeable ready to go outfits that you can wear to the office, work at home, home with the kids, a casual day on school campus, out on an evening date and more? 
You can layer and style the LaurenNichole Curated Outfits or you can do Separates, or you can do a little of both.  
Shop The Easy Dress n' Go Curated Summer Outfit Collection with women's summer jumpsuits, rompers, and 2 piece outfits at LaurenNichole   
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