At LaurenNichole our goal is to help the modern busy woman make her life much easier with her new dream wardrobe
At LaurenNichole our goal is to help the modern busy woman make her life much easier. 
Building Your New Dream Wardrobe will easy your time and stress from dressing, organizing and laundry. With that you feel like you have your life under control and you look and feel beautiful. And that's when you really think clearly and you feel you can make some moves like the BOSS of your life.
The LaurenNichole Jumpsuits and 2 piece sets are is the stylish fashion designs that has always embarked its place in society for the busy modern day woman. It has made life so much easier managing our lifestyle while also considering versatility, breathability, and inclusive sizing. Effortless comes with it, not only takes the guesswork out of an outfit, but the pants actually enable you to stride around without fear that you'll accidentally flash passersby.. Bike rides, picnics at the park with your kids or an afternoon date, lounging on your couch or bed at home, impromptu dance moves, and more! You, can do it all with this singular fashion. It's a quick easy for the office, casual events. and more. 
At LaurenNichole our jumpsuits, rompers and 2 piece outfits and dresses are the 
foundational items in your wardrobe, along with separates. Such as styling with one of your two or three blazers, cardigans, kimonos and more to create unlimited interchangeable outfits. You can have a collection of 3 or 4 separates in tops and bottoms to mix and match with your 2 piece outfits. The key is the colors. When you staple 2 or 3 of your favorite colors that's what makes it easier, because everything matches and you don't ever have to worry about matching and styling. And it also makes it easier to store, keep organized, and plan your outfits for the next day or the week.
You can have 3 or 4 different types of shirts and slacks of different materials like crew neck, V Neck shirts, slacks, jeans, and more in 2 or 3 different colors. You can get away with 4 colors. They can be easily stored in deep drawer dressers, saving the space and clutter in your closet. You can have 2 dressers, one for shirts and slacks and one for your bras panties, socks, accessories, pajamas. 
Though similar to building a sartorial stylish chic classy uniform, finding that one absolutely perfect item takes work and time. It's not an overnight task. And it should be fun building your new wardrobe that will make you look and feel like a million dollars. You can plan how you want to do it, accordingly to your lifestyle, the size of your wardrobe, and your wardrobe goals.
It does not have to be done in one day. Remember to have fun doing it. Don't look at it like...I gotta do it. A good positive mind set can play a big roll in your New Dream Wardrobe. 
This can help you organize your time, your life. Especially as a mom, a wife with a beautiful family, or college girl, or a working professional. Fortunately, at LaurenNichole we can help you build your new wardrobe essentials, from your fave summer outfits to knitwear to dresses to the perfect oversized shirt.
At LaurenNichole, Versatility is the ultimate beauty of a capsule wardrobe. You can mix and match every day for years and feel a fresh new outfit every time! Each piece can be worn with many other pieces within your closet, especially women's jumpsuits and 2 piece outfits it doesn't feel like it's been seen a thousand times over.
Having a versatile capsule wardrobe of reliable basics will give you simplicity. Simplicity will help you get dressed in less time and avoid decision fatigue. By working with a minimalist wardrobe, you can become your own stylist, coming up with outfit ideas for a set number of pieces.
Although your style may change over the years, a capsule wardrobe is for any age. The items in your capsule collection are investments—timeless pieces that you can rework in unlimited styles for years to come.
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